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Shahid electric company is a prominent company based in Pakistan providing electric products, parts and services to the industries and small businesses. We manufacture electric parts and also import them. Most of our customers are electric resellers, wholesale distributors, factories and realestate builders. We also study and re-design existing electrical equipment to improve its efficiency.
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We, at Shahid Electric Company, can provide you with a huge range of electric products. We are a leading manufacturer of the most used electric parts in our market. We also import parts that cannot be manufactured locally. You can contact us for almost any kind of electric product, equipment or even spare part. On top of that, we also provide household electric wiring-related items, such as wires, switch boards, lights, circuit breakers, electric control panels etc. Here is a short list of our top selling electic products:

Circuit Breakers

Electric Wire

Switches and Sockets

Light Boxes

Fan Boxes

Fan Plates

Wall Dabbi

Open Shelters

China Fitting Boxes

Please visit our products page to see the complete range of products.